Be creative and innovative in your own space.

At BCR Holdings we understand every space is unique and how our surroundings have such an impact upon us.

To produce the perfect space can mean exploring and generating new and creative designs and wanting to bring them to life.

Our focus is to make your designs and plans become a reality and our team is always more than happy to help our clients achieve their goal.

Autex offers a range of customisation tools from Prints, Etch™, Mould & Press to Groove. These tools are sure to help achieve your vision and transform your space with the tailor-made products.



Mould & Press


Many custom products we have completed are Custom Pinboards, just about any custom design can be incorporated into our pinboards. Colour selections that are incorporated into the pinboard can be selected from the Autex Composition® colour range.

Many schools are now incorporating custom logo boards into their projects in all different areas of the school. The boards can display the school logo, emblem or specific symbols that signify school values and beliefs. It is an excellent method to create spaces that give meaning and connection but also creates a modern and contemporary look.

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